Not all interest rates are created equal.

The MortgageGirls will take the time to discuss the “best rates” you see advertised to ensure you do get the best rate that is right for you in meeting your financial goals. Our years of experience and knowledge of the numerous complex mortgage product offerings available today can only help you in making informed and educated decisions about the largest debt most of us will ever have in our lifetimes!

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Current Best Rates

TermThe BanksUs
6-month closed
1-year closed2.89%2.39%
2-year closed2.84%2.14%
3-year closed3.39%2.34%
4-year closed3.89%2.49%
5-year closed4.64%2.49%**
7-year closed5.30%3.14%
10-year closed6.10%3.59%
Line of Credit


*Rates subject to change without notice. OAC, E&OE.
** Promotional offers. Call for Details.