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First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Edmonton

First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Edmonton, AB

Jackie Woodward will help in finding the Mortgage Solution that's right for you.

Jackie Woodward - Mortgage Professional will answer all of your questions and walk you through the mortgage process, step by step. She believes there is no such thing as too many questions and is available evenings and weekends too!

The First-time Home Buyer Incentive Program

This newly introduced program is designed to lower mortgage payments for first time home buyers by providing them with an equity shared interest and payment free mortgage loan in addition to their regular mortgage. This loan would be IN ADDITION to your minimum 5 % down payment. Total borrowing under this program is limited to 4 times the applicant’s income.


When starting the process of buying your first new home, several important things to be aware of.

  • Talk to an experienced Mortgage Broker to understand the mortgage process and what is required from you.
  • Gather the relevant information to provide to the Mortgage Broker.
  • Once the pre-approval is in place find an experienced Realtor to assist. If you do not have one, Broker will provide some names or people they work with. Let the Realtor know who you have the pre-approval with and the particulars. This will assist the realtor in finding properties within your price range.
  • Ask lots of questions! If you are unsure of something within the process always ask for clarification.
  • Happy House hunting
Why Work With Jackie Woodward - Edmonton Mortgage Broker?
  • Over 35 Years Of Experience
  • TMG Licensed Mortgage Broker
  • Not Tied To Any Specific Lender; Works With Many Lenders
  • Offering Competitive Mortgage Rates
  • No Charge For Typical Residential Mortgage Transactions Service
  • Good Client Communication & Prompt Response

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