New To Canada Mortgage

New To Canada Mortgage

Providing Mortgages for Newcomers to Canada

If you are New to Canada and wish to apply for a mortgage, it’s important for you to get in touch with Jackie who is an experienced mortgage professional. There are some basic guidelines and unique financing options available for people in three general situations. Individuals on work visas and landed immigrants, those with a Permanent Residency that are employed and non-landed immigrants who are employed. New immigrants who have not yet secured a job but have applied for, or have been granted landed immigrant status or permanent residency can also be financed. Jackie believes your first experience with a Canadian mortgage should be a positive one!

Why Work With Jackie Woodward - Edmonton Mortgage Broker?
  • Over 35 Years Of Experience
  • TMG Licensed Mortgage Broker
  • Not Tied To Any Specific Lender; Works With Many Lenders
  • Offering Competitive Mortgage Rates
  • No Charge For Typical Residential Mortgage Transactions Service
  • Good Client Communication & Prompt Response

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