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Richard VN

Author: The Mortgage Girl |

I was referred to Jackie Woodward to facilitate the process of acquiring a mortgage. I opted to stay and work with my current lender as they indicated the process would be easy. After 3 months of banging my head against a wall with my lender and time running out quickly, I called upon Jackie during a very busy holiday season…Christmas. Without hesitation Jackie took on my case and left me reassured that we could get the task of acquiring a mortgage done. She followed up her reassurance by presenting options within a week and a half….if that. In total, it took just over a month to get a mortgage secured in my name. Most of that time was used by others unrelated to the acquisition of the mortgage. Jackie and her team are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are there for you when you need a question answered. Thank you for reducing my headache and making the process of acquiring a mortgage painless as possible. Truthfully, I’m over the moon with how you were able to reach in and pull my situation outta the fire and bring it back to life!