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Kev K

Author: The Mortgage Girl |

Jackie has helped my wife and I now on a couple different occasions through the purchase of our house, and transfer of the mortgage to the new property, as well as helping us find the most competitive rate for our mortgage renewal. She is professional, personable, and truly cares. She is a true professional at her craft. She cares on a personal level. We have seen her provide thorough, balanced, honest and accurate information to us in a timely manner, consistently throughout our process. I would heartily recommend her to anyone looking for the most useful advice when it comes to getting into a new mortgage or renewing an existing mortgage. I KNOW that her work on our behalf has saved us thousands…I know this because I had the unique chance to see what our existing lender was willing to offer us over the next 5 years in relation to the term and conditions Jackie brokered with our new lender. It is worth it to use a mortgage broker – especially one worth their salt. Thanks Jackie. We’ll be calling you again in 5 years!